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My name is Steve Alten and I am the NY Times best-selling author of eighteen page-turning thrillers, including the MEG series, about carcharodon Megalodon, the 70-foot-long, 50-ton prehistoric shark that wants to eat Jason Statham. It was 25 years ago that I found myself saddled with the daily chore of answering hundreds of email from high school students who were all delivering the same basic message, that they “HATED reading but LOVED reading (my first novel) MEG.” I was flattered, but my target audience was adults. Then high school teachers began informing me that my novel was especially popular among their most reluctant readers and “are there any curriculum materials that go with the book?” Parents wrote, expressing their gratitude for writing a book that “saved their son’s life.” When the Young Adult Library Services Association named MEG a Top Selection for teens, I realized something important was happening – and I needed to be a part of it. In 1999, volunteers and I launched the nonprofit teen reading program, Adopt-An-Author which provides free curriculum to registered teachers, posters, and direct contact between students and author via e-mail, in-class Q & A’s over speaker phone, and personal visits. The program is free, paid for by myself and a sponsor.  (see Testimonials).

Reading is the keystone of a solid education, and yet getting teenagers to read a book is like herding squirrels — it can’t be done and it will drive you nuts.”

 — A former high school principal.

My Marine Science II students have finished reading MEG and TRENCH respectively. The demand for the books was so great that I had to order extra copies. I’ve had several of my students blast thru all three books in less than a week, and beg my copy of the LOCH from my desk. My copy of DOMAIN is also loaned out as well, and the other teachers are catching the “Steve Alten fever!” I have literally made our school reading coach, Denise Smith, cry when I told her that I had kids who had never read a book read MEG, TRENCH and MEG: PRIMAL WATERS. She is touched beyond belief! During the school day we have a twenty-minute reading period. Imagine looking in on a room and seeing an entire class, including the instructor happily devouring MEG. I’ll keep you posted on our MEGMANIA here at Orange Park High. I can’t wait for the fourth book to come out, and neither can the students.

–Vicky Loehr OPHS Marine Science Instructor.

Introducing Sea Monster Cove High School

Originally developed for secondary school students (grades 9-12 & adults) whose education faltered during the COVID pandemic, Sea Monster Cove High School (SMC-HS) is an Academics-meets-Entertainment virtual learning site like no other. There are no teachers, classrooms, or physical books at SMC-HS. An “All-In” student membership package purchased by the sponsoring high school provides EVERY STUDENT with their own private round-the-clock access, taking them to a virtual marine island theme park where they can interact with the most terrifying prehistoric sea monsters in history. The special effects are major motion picture worthy – which makes sense since everything was originally designed to fit the storyline of a new episodic TV series; Where Sea Monsters Roam. SMC features two futuristic sea aquariums, 5-star hotels, original SMC video games, and over a dozen 360 Virtual Aquarium Experiences. But not-so-fast. Before a student can go cage diving with a Dunkleosteus, they must complete their Daily Pleasure Reading.

Academics take place at our virtual private library where our #1 goal is for each student to improve their GPA & scores on mandatory State-wide exams by reading. To help turn every Reluctant Reader into a Fiction Fanatic, the curriculum specialists at SMC-HS created the Visually-Enhanced novel. Each PDF file feature vocabulary words that are highlighted within the text – then matched with a color definition image. This “Association” places the word & definition directly into the student’s Long-Term Memory — creating a radically new and exciting method of absorbing information that allows the student to easily recall the definition not just days but years later… and that’s only the beginning! See why educators are calling our model a potential GAME-CHANGER that levels the playing field for all participants, regardless of the student’s race, religion, family income, zip code, or sexual identity.

For more information call: 561-284-6833

  • Twenty-four/seven access to our Private Library – the only place in the world that features Visually-Enhanced novels specifically designed for reluctant readers and students suffering from dyslexia. Read one novel and you’re cured (but go ahead and read them all!)
  • Access to our futuristic Sea Aquarium habitats where we keep the prehistoric sea monsters trapped and captured by our teams tracking the beasts in the 380 million-year-old Devonian Aquifer. Watch from a safe vantage or go for a quick cage dive (in day or night). A dozen experiences to choose from.
  • Hotels – two unique Virtual Hotels to choose from. The Permian Princess has rooms located both above and below the water line. The Black Demon Inn is located in the O’Quarium, home to our star attraction – Snowflake, our 50-foot, twenty-ton prehistoric albino Mako shark. Snowflake’s massive O-tank was created using aerogel – a man-made plastic that is lightweight but incredibly dense. Every suite at the Black Demon Inn backs up to Snowflake’s O-ring where she sleeps.
  • The six giant circular habitats that surround the massive dome in the middle are all composed of solar panels, with backup power coming from wave units located along the Southgate.
  • Access to half-a-dozen of Steve Alten’s six original screenplays, three of which have been optioned as major motion pictures.
  • Writing Tips for new authors. Presented by best-selling authors Steve Alten, James Rollins, Brad Meltzer, and more.
  • How to store vocabulary words and other information directly into your Long-Term Memory.
  • Two original Video Games. Compete for prizes.
  • Using Association to engage Long Term Memory.
  • Educational Content – our museum curator has prepared some excellent information in regards to the species found in the Devonian Aquifer.
  • Monthly ZOOM calls with Steve Alten. Sea Monster Cove merchandise, sold only to members.
Students Common Area
High School Tunnel with Students
SMC HS Cafeteria
O-Quarium Facility

What you see is only the beginning…

I am a HS reading teacher. I purchased seven copies of Meg and gave them out to various students. I want to tell you about two of them in particular. The first one is a junior. After reading all of your books he has decided to pursue Marine Biology in college. The second student is a freshman and has read all of your books that I could find. He began the year reading on a 6th grade reading level and now after post testing, his scores went up to 11.6 – that is amazing! So thanks for your support for our kids who have a difficult time reading. You really make a difference. 

–Sue Backus, Literacy Specialist – Arlington HS.

$1.99 a month per student!

Field research is critical to gauge student interest and academic progress. In order to continue to improve our program, we request each high school provide us the assistance of a part-time point person to send us feedback.

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