Date: April 22, 2007
From: helpmehex@yahoo.com

Dear Mr. Alten: I am sure you do not read these yourself, but I do hope that your screener passes it on to you. I have raised 6 children. 2 of which I got before having biological children and I am girl heavy. Having had a very tough childhood and being an only child I have overcompensated a great deal and when the teenage years hit-the challenges surfaced. I never wanted to work-after having my kids – I wanted to stay home. Money made it difficult; I began working. I got into a terribly demanding field. I was a mortgage processor. I got home and was exhausted and Shane being on the computer and quiet was fine with me. I realized too late that he was addicted. I have a minor in ocean engineering and a major in psychology. I always said-if nothing else I want to have a college degree so I will be a smart-educated mom. Besides, I believe in laughter and the more knowledge one has, the funnier they become. I left my career to focus on my kids and after exhausting myself with what to do, I was sending Shane to military school. One night, I was cleaning the kitchen-we were the only two awake and I was busting his chops about school. He started telling me how he was doing his work. He was even ahead of the class in a reading assignment-MEG. He was spouting off facts about the ocean and the marianna trench. I elaborated with depth details explanation of chemosynthesis etc… and for the first time in over a year my son looked at me with respect. He ran and grabbed the book; told me to read first 6 pages and I did and I was hooked. It is the best book I have read in a long time. I was so interested in it that my youngest son(6) asked me about it; I began reading it to him, paraphrasing and explaining words etc… . I cannot begin to express what you did for my son. From that we have built a relationship again. The thing is I had always been a stay home mom and I have great kids. They laugh together, take care of each other and rarely argue. Mr. Alten-If there is anything I can ever do for you-I am here for you. Thanks for saving a great kid. L.J.

May 5, 2008
Dear Mr. Alten,

My son is a student at Worthington Kilbourne High School in Worthington, Ohio. He is in Mrs. Clark’s English class. I am writing to you to let you know what a profound effect your writing has had on my son. Eric has learning disabilities. Reading is a gift that came late to him. While he can now read at grade level, it is a difficult process. I never expected to see him reading for pleasure. Then he read Meg. I bought him his own copy of the book because he WANTED to read ahead. He kept a list of questions. He thought about the book. He made predictions. These are all the things a good reader does, and he has never done naturally. Now he owns a copy of “The Trench,” “Primal Waters,” and “Goliath.” Yesterday and today, we’ve sat, both engrossed in books. As he reads, he looks up and shares with me passages from Goliath. Over the years, I’ve read to him and tried to interest him in every genre of literature. I was happy when he learned to read, and resigned myself that it was a chore and not a pleasure for him. I haven’t read your books (yet), but something in your books has helped him to turn another corner. I thought you would enjoy knowing this. Thank you for writing books and for working with Mrs. Clark to bring the book to life for my son. –Mxxxx

1/10/2020 11:16:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: meg82159@aol.com

Hi, Mr. Alten!
I wanted to share a RARE occurrence from my Special Education English class. My football playing, reluctant reader walked into English this block and stated, “When are we gonna read that book today?” Yes, he was speaking of The Meg. No, those words have NEVER come out of his mouth!!! Teacher WIN! My husband encouraged me to join Adopt an Author and I am a total believer!! Meg is a hit with my RELUCTANT readers. Thanks! Tippi Matherley Westmoreland High School Special Education


Mr. Alten:
I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing Meg books you have written they have changed the way I look at reading. My name is XXXXXXXXXXX I’m about to turn 37 on May 9th and I have fought with dyslexia throughout my life. I have always hated reading and just did the bare minimum to get by. I’ve bought books throughout my life but always lost interest, struggled reading them, eyes got heavy and eventually gave up on them. However, about 4 months ago I was in a half price book store and came across your Meg book “Primal waters”. I love sharks and am completely fascinated by them but at the same time completely terrified of them. Anyways, I picked up your book thinking I’ll read this but most likely It’ll just be another book I’ll add to my collection and I’ll likely lose interest. Instead it engulfed me I wanted to know what was happening to Jonas and I couldn’t wait to start reading again to find out. After that I started searching on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for your other books and found you had a whole series dedicated to the Meg books. I then bought all of them. I just finished “Hells Aquarium” and I’m starting “Night Stalkers” tomorrow. I’ve never got into books but with each book I just get more and more excited! In “Hell’s Aquarium” I really like Jason ‘Monty’ Montgomery I know he’s a very small part of the book but he’s hilarious. Thank you…you’ve opened up a world to me that I thought I would never be a part of. –XXXXX XXXXX

FROM: Connor M

My name is Connor M. I am an 18 year old out of Texas. Throughout my high school career I have never read any books. None. Your meg series is the only book series I have ever read. This is a book I’ve read a thousand times. Thank you so much.

To: Meg82159@aol.com
Sent: 7/5/2016 7:16:30 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Thank you so much!

Dear Steve
Hello my name is XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX. I wrote an email to you many years ago when I was in high school, and I have recently felt the need to express my gratitude to your work as an adult. I have read the majority of your books, and the Meg series is my absolute favorite book series in the world. I was raised by my father who was almost completely illiterate, so books for my early part of life were not extremely common in our household. At the start of my 6th grade year of school my aunt brought me to a library, and it was there that I found a book named Meg. I spent several days reading and rereading that book. It was the first book I had ever read in my life, and I was extremely sad when I had to return it. I started offering to mow people’s lawns as a way to save up money for Meg and The Trench, and within a few weeks I was a proud owner of both of these books. My father and my step mother had substance abuse problems, and threw much of my childhood I was exposed to the horrors that come along with these problems. Your books were the one thing that helped me thru those nights. As soon as I heard screaming or things breaking I would go into my room lock my door, and read your books. This continued all threw my middle school and high school years, and six years ago I had decided to write you a email after one of those nights. I wanted so badly to convey my appreciation at that time, but I wasn’t in a place where I felt comfortable talking about my situation. As a married adult who’s going thru college, I felt it was time to sincerely thank you for your books. Your books to this day continue to be a saving grace in my life. I suffer from extremely bad symptoms of PTSD due to the nature of my childhood. My wife works all day, and I can’t hold a job due to my problems, so most days I’m alone at home with no one to help. When I start coughing up blood, get anxiety, or when I start to go into a blackout, I will read your books to try and pull myself out of it. I have recently hunted down hard copies of the Meg series, because my paperbacks are falling apart from being read so much, And I am hoping to buy one of the Meg special anniversary editions soon. I just wanted to write this letter to thank you for all the help your work has been in my life. Your books gave me a love for reading, saved me thru many dark nights as a kid, and continue to aid and influence my life to this day. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much!
— Sincerely XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX – Your dedicated and thankful fan.

DATE: January 3, 2011
REF: Thank you for making my son read a book!

Dear Mr. Alten,
Many years ago, I picked up a copy of MEG and became a huge fan of your writings. I have always passed around my copies of your books to family and friends to share in the enjoyment of your work. Over this past holiday season something has happened that I felt compelled to pass along to you. My oldest son, Stephen is 14 years old and has struggled all his school years with reading. He is several years behind from his classmates and never will pick up a book unless it is for school work. His reading teacher has been optimistic with him this year and I am thrilled to report that you are the break through that we have been hoping for. Stephen had to pick a work of fiction and complete several assignments based on the story. He was in no mood for this project and was worried due to the percentage of his grade that this would play on him this semester. I went to my book shelf and handed him my original hard copy of MEG. Within the first two chapters he was hooked. We live in South West Florida and have often gone on fossil hunts to the Peace River and have collected many MEG teeth. With our hobby of fossil hunting, I had hoped that your book would spark an interest within him to want to read the story. I am proud and ever so thankful to report that he finished the book and started to read my copy of the Trench on his own without any pressure from school to do so. He plans on reading the entire collection from the Meg series and then move onto the LOCH. I have never seen him so interested and focused on such a task in regards to any reading activity. I have enjoyed the evening conversations we have going over the story and the discussions that come from your work. The words Thank You feel too small to cover the appreciation I have for this major step in Stephens’’s reading skills that have opened up. I hope this e mail can express the thanks I have for your efforts as an author and the continued work you do. A very thankful and grateful father, C V

Subj: Megalodon
Date: 1/29/2003 7:51:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: invader_zim_gurl@yahoo.com

Hello, my name is Kristen Massirer.  I’m a freshmen at Mountain View H.S. in Mrs Sobkoviak’s English class. In second semester, I spied your book “Meg” sitting in boxes and I asked my teacher what they were for. She said we were going to read them next quarter.  Since I have loooooooved sharks forever, that title really caught my eye!  When I read on the cover “a novel of deep terror,” I knew that it was about the greatest predator and greatest shark, the Megalodon.  I could not wait to read it! I just got the book yesterday, read the first page and I was hooked!  I have been reading it whenever I can. I am way passed the middle already. I love this book! I have so much interest in it because I love sharks so much. This book is one of the best books I’ve ever read!  Just the idea that a megalodon could be living somewhere like the Mariana Trench is just mind boggling.  It makes a lot of sense with the adaptation of animals and everything. This book really gets me thinking what if it is true? My teacher also told us that there are a whole series of these books. Right after I finish this book, I am planning to go get the rest.  Your book has really gotten me thinking. Sincerely, –Kristen Massirer

Subj: A Few Questions
Date: 1/29/2003 4:35:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: god_smack9@hotmail.com

Hi, I’m Kyle, and I’m a big fan of your writing. I’ve read 3 of your 4 books (gonna read Goliath soon). When I first read Meg back in 1997, I was amazed with it and it even helped to push me to start writing a book of my own. Thanks!

Subj: Just finished “Domain”
Date: 1/28/2003 11:30:01 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: michael_skrede@charter.net

I just wanted to drop a line to mention that I just finished reading “Domain” this evening. Shortly before finishing however I went out and got “Meg” and also “The Trench”. Although I cannot recall the original reason I picked up “Domain” off the bookshelf, I am quite glad I did. One of my undergrad degrees is in pre-Columbian art history (which I do intend to pursue further) so was quite intrigued while reading it. I must admit that I did go online quite a few times to double check accuracies as well as content, and also to check further into certain details that sparked my curiosity. The fact that I did that is why am writing this note to you. Although I do read quite a lot, very few books push me to delve into a given subject matter further (especially while I am reading said book). Anyway, keep up the good work. –Michael Skrede

Subj: Meg
Date: 3/2/2003 8:44:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: ddccanderson@poncacity.net

Hi! My name is Christian Fearnow, I am in 6th grade and just finished your book “Meg”.  I thought the book was so good that I did my book-in-a-box report about it.  I am now starting “The Trench”, and hope I can do another exciting book report about it. Do you ever do any book signings in Oklahoma?  If you ever do could you write me and let me know so I can talk my mother into taking me. It would be really great to meet my favorite author and get my books signed. P.S. I cannot wait to start reading  “The Trench”, I just got it tonight and I am really excited about it. Thank You, –Christian Fearnow, Ponca City, Ok 74604

Subj: Adopt-An-Author
Date: 2/28/2003 7:18:46 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: caroljo9@juno.com

Thank you so much for taking the time and the money to talk with my students over the last couple of days.  My kids are talking about it all over campus!  They were very impressed with you–thought you were a nice, regular, down-to-earth guy.  They liked that you didn’t talk down to them; I liked that you were able to go with the flow with 14 and 15-year-olds.  They really are good kids.  I do like teenagers! Thanks again. Carol Sobkoviak

Subj: Hi this is Sarah McMurry from Mrs. Sobkoviaks class
Date: 2/26/2003 8:49:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: phreakinacage@yahoo.com


Hey how are you doing? I thought it would be really cool to e-mail you after talking to you on the phone today. I thought that was really cool of you to call us. I have really enjoyed your book, I’m glad I have actually found an author that books don’t put me to sleep. do you call a lot of schools and talk to them?

I was just wondering who inspired you to write or was it something you just did to get out of the outside world? you know haw you said if we had a name for your book to tell you and you would place it on your list. well I think it would be really cool to be in one of your books. but if you do use my name for some strange reason please don’t kill me off in your book, unless you really want to. well I’m sorry to bother you with all of these questions. well I hope to hear back from you soon. –Sarah McMurry


Subj: you are the best
Date: 3/10/2003 11:39:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Emwhiteod

Hi, I’m Cameron White. I’m a 13 year old 8th grader in San Diego, CA. In 5th grade, I picked up MEG and started reading it but couldn’t really understand it, so I put it in my bookcase, where it sat for 3 years.  A couple weeks ago, I found it.  Since I hate having unread books in my bookcase, I started it.  Wow.  I wasn’t able to put it down.  Instead of watching T.V., I would go in my room and read. I would stay up until midnight reading. I told my best friend about it and now he’s reading it.  He even comes over and reads instead of playing!  I am in the middle of The Trench and can’t stop.  I want to be a movie director when I am older, and if MEG isn’t a movie by then, it’s going to be first on my list! Thanks for being such a great author,--Cameron White


Subj: wonderful book
Date: 3/25/2003 8:03:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: DDOUBLEBUBBLES@attbi.com

Dear Mr. Alten,

Curently me and my class are reading one of your novels titled MEG. I believe this is one of the most wonderful books I’ve ever read. It’s like the perfect horror story. It actually gave my chills listening to my teacher describe the Meg. I mean it’s really great. Is the story based on main events or somthing and how did you ever think up a horrable character like Maggie. I just can’t belive that someone could write this it’s so…. so… captivating. Many words can describe the way this book is so wonderful. But I still don’t get how these ideas come to you and the characters. I sortof wanna know because cerious and also because i want to go to collage to be a major novolest. I would really appreaciate some tips if you have any. I’m really interested in your work and hopfully i will get the time to read many other masterpieces of yours. Well if you could take time out of your scedule to e-mail me i will really apreiciate it very much. As a fan and future writer I look up to your work. hope to hear from you soon.  Sincerely, a captivated fan of Steele Middle School, Muskegon,MI


Subj: hello
Date: 4/1/2003 2:42:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: cocoababy17@hotmail.com

Hey my name is shanna lopez and your book is really cool. I  just wanted to ask u how long did it take u to write this book? well that was all i wanted to ask u. Well I think your book is really cool. I dont think that i could ever read a book that long but yours is just cool. Well g2g, — Shanna Lopez


Subj:   Your Book
Date: 4/1/2003 1:45:20 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: crazykidd2007@yahoo.com

I love your book. When  we started reading I thought the book was going to be boring, but know I know now that the book is good I CAN’T WAIT for the sequence to come. my  farovite part was when he was giving the liturer and his wife walked in ,started to rush him. WHen they got to the ball thing and bud and maggie started dancing , she put bud hands on her butte jonas got mad ;walked over and slipped him that was very funto pitcher it in my mind. Keep writing and writing you will be blessed then what you are now.

–LaToya Johnson, Steele middle school


Subj: hey what is up with meg
Date: 4/1/2003 1:41:01 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: trouble11072003@yahoo.com

Hey my name is Erica Wiggins.  Your book meg is my favorit book in the world.  What do you think you will write about next.  You book’s inspirer all use at steele middle school’s 8th grade.  We hope to write you again.  Well G 2 G.  write to you later.  bye – bye


Subj: I Love Ur Book!!!!!!!!!
Date: 4/1/2003 11:40:17 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: dolphingirldawn@yahoo.com

Dear Mr Alten,   I apsulutly love your book. i can’t believe all that details and characters. How did you ever create a horrrible person like maggie? It seems shes so selfish and bud is conceded and all the other characters are cool. except for dr.heller hes mean. that phileape person is so cool hes is so funny that acsent is like the quicky mart dude off the simpsons. I can really relate to how hes feeling if i saw somthing that i would react the same way with out the whole devil thing. ” Mac” is so awsome he is so alive and funny. He’s like the perfect party person.  Sincerely, A FAN DJ  of steele middle school


Subj: Finally beginning!
Date: 4/1/2003 10:02:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: lindelljk@earthlink.net

Hi.  This is Jason Lindell at Steele Middle School in Muskegon, MI.  We’ve finally been able to start MEG and the kids are really liking it.  We’ve been doing the Curriculum and using the Study Guides.  We’re around page 140 and it’s going extremely well.  Today is the first day we’ve come to the lab to write some e-mails so hopefully you’ll get some good ones. Thanks again for the great program.  Looking forward to some of the art and poster projects near the end. Sincerely, Jason R. Lindell


Subj: Comments and questions!!!!!!
Date: 4/1/2003 10:01:43 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Ajasgirlpower

I just wanted to say that the book you wrote called meg is really good. I’m reading it in school in my language arts class. At first when my teacher said we are going to read a shark book, I thought it was going to be boring because i don’t like sharks!!! After reading the first 5 chapters, I knew it was going to be really interesting!!! I just have to ask you one question. Does a Megladon really exist? Thanxs -Aja Nash


Subj: Thanks
Date: 5/5/2003 4:22:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: GTR 500

First off, I want to thank you for 2 things, 1. getting me to start reading again, it has helped me in many ways in the past 2-3 years, and 2. Getting me into writing my own books, although small. After reading “Meg” and “The Trench” i got hooked on reading. Most of all, i love reading your books, they have everything I like in them, action, great characters (I’m actually one in “primal Waters”), and terrific plots, and after reading “Domain”, I’ll buy anything that you wrote one word of. Happy writing, –R C


Grateful 7th grade teacher
Date: 5/16/2003 8:07:01 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Kimberly_Martin@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

I have previously written to you about how much I LOVE your books, but wanted to reintroduce myself again.  My name is Kim Martin and this is my first year teaching. I have been reading Meg to my seventh grade class. THEY LOVE IT.  I can’t tell you what it feels like when I read to them and I see the crawl upon the floor to sit at my feet.  I look up and the entire class is just staring at me read.  Not mention if my class gets a little loud, which all seventh graders do, I tell them I will not read the book unless they quiet down.  Well Steve, these kids sit up and straight and won’t open there mouths after that – for fear I will not read to them. Now, the Meg series is my absolutel favorite.  I am an avid shark lover. My classroom is filled with pictures and I have rubbed off on my kids. They go home and if they see a National Geographic show on sharks – they watch it and learn from it.  You have made my first year of teaching english a successful one.  I turned non-readers into readers and that is greatest reward! –Kim


Subj: Writing
Date: 7/23/2003 11:37:23 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: ccrosten@xtalwind.net

Dear Steve Alten,

We meet at a book signing about 2 years ago, and from then on I have been writing short stories.  Im not saying that I blame you but “I cant stop writing!” I never use to like to write at all, just read.  Now I’m in the mists of writing a book on world domination.  I thank you for the inspiration to write, cant wait for Primal Waters.  Meg Fan– Steve


Subj: Regarding Domain
Date: 7/23/2003 9:34:37 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: tj-00@lycos.com

Dear Mr. Alten:

I have just finished reading DOMAIN, and I must say that I quite liked the book.  I am a college student studying archaeology, and I found the book to be well-researched and a great read! You may wish to know that you have influenced my area of concentration.  Formerly, I was studying the archaeology of the Celts but, having read DOMAIN, I have decided to start studying the fascinating ancient cultures of Mesoamerica (and I am currently studying the fascinating Nazca Lines). Thank you for this book. Have a great day. –TJ Royall


Subj: Domain
Date: 7/20/2003 4:46:29 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: BSMPC_7@msn.com

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your book, Domain. One of my former students will be attending high school in September. His mother wanted me to help him with the summer reading, which is your book. I bought a copy before summer school started and couldn’t put it down. I bought ten copies the very next day to use it for my summer school reading enrichment class. The students LOVE this book.

Last night I decided to check-out your website. WOW! I was impressed. I downloaded the Curriculum for Domain. My students are writing journals for each chapter in the novel. Many of them as asking for books about the Mayan civilization, Kukulcan, and other books that you have written. I am planning on teaching Domain in September as a required reading for World History while teaching the section on Mayas, Inca, and Aztec civilizations. Thank you very much for your website and curriculum guide. Thank you for your interest in helping young people to read. Respectfully, Betty Jean Cockrell


Subj:   Fan
|Date:   10/22/2003 1:34:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:  cavanagh.me@neu.edu         

Mr. Alten,

I loved your book Meg.  I’ve read your book a dozen times and read it to many of my friends aloud.  I owe you a lot because your book is one of the things that proved to me I wanted to become a research scientist in Marine Biology.  Thank you , Meredith Cavanagh


Date:   10/20/2003 8:02:57 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  bandnerd116@yahoo.com
To:      meg82159@aol.com

Dear Mr. Alten,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for calling us during class today in Ms. Lowe’s 5th period English class. Your book entitled MEG is by far my favorite book. I am currently reading The Trench. I think that it is awesome that you interact with schools. I admit that when I first started reading your book Meg I thought by reading the first chapter that it would be some weird dinosaur book, but as I kept reading I got more and more interested. I love your vivid imagination and I think it is awesome. Just an hour ago I joined your fan club. I plan on reading all of your books eventually. –Chase Fullington


Subj:   i read your book meg
Date:   10/18/2003 7:43:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  TrentReznorBabe

I just wanted to say im a big fan of Meg.  It was an awesome book.  I’m a senior in highschool, and i was just looking through some of my mom’s books, and it was the one out of her collection that interested me.  After i read it, it made me wanna better by writing skills. So, i just wanted to say your an awesome writer. thanks. –Laura


Subj:   A Beginning
Date:   11/2/2003 4:38:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  axani@telusplanet.net

My name is Marshall and I am eighteen years old. I can’t begin to explain how your novels, especially Meg, have enticed my passion for writing. I remember picking it up in a library one day, turning it over, and reading the synopsis on the back. Immediately I knew that this book could inspire my ideas to come forth on paper, and thus, I began to write screenplays. I fact, and this is a little naïve, but I wanted to begin by writing the Meg screenplay, if it wasn’t optioned already, because I knew that a movie based on a plot of this sheer magnitude could succeed where many movies had failed. Don’t worry, I stopped the pursuit a long time ago, but I did begin my research on writing, and now I’ve written four long screenplays and a short. I’m sure you’ve receive hundreds of e-mails of this sort, but I still thought that it was necessary to thank you for helping me to discover what I now want to pursue as a career; movies, and writing is hopefully my first step. Any advice that you have would be much appreciated, especially on how to get your work out there. Also, if you ever know of anyone who wants some free help on a movie set, just tell them that there’s a kid from Canada who’s willing to lend a hand.Looking forward to your response, Marshall


Subj:   Your books.
Date:   11/19/2003 8:31:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  sassi@pomeroy-wa.com

Hello! I just want to tell you, I love your books. They helped inspire me. You see, I’ve always wanted to do marine biology, but I wasn’t sure what I would exactly do. So my mom gave me a book of hers she said I’d like. MEG. I read it about 3 times. Then she got me the second book, the TRENCH. I’ve read that one 2 times. I’m hoping to get your other book called Primal. It looks good. I’m really into your deep-sea horror books. And thanks to them, marine paleobiology sounds like it would be perfect for me! (I wanted to be an archeologist when I was. I mesmerized 100 different types of dinosaurs!) Well, I’m glad I finally found your e-mail. Bye! Love and Light,  Mercedes


Subj:   Thank You!
Date:   11/19/2003 6:44:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  XxPiMpMaStA BxX  

Dear Mr. Alten:

I would like to thank you for writing the greatest books I have ever read! I am 15 years old and I attend Monsignor Farrell High School in Staten Island, NY. I hated reading books so much but until my English teacher found out that I loved sharks, I’ ve loved sharks ever since I watched JAWS as a little boy (I hope to be a Marine Biologist when I get older!), she had a copy of Meg and offered it to me to read. I finished the book in 1 month, which is very unusual for me because I don’t like to read. It was an excellent book!  Reading it was the most fun I have ever had reading a book and it was so interesting. I’m a big guy and I play football and everyone says I’m a tough guy and usually those type of guys don’t read books, but I went around school and told everyone about your book and how good it was and everyone looked at me like I was a weirdo but that’s how good the book was. So anyway about a year later I was in the mood for another shark novel so I looked for another one of yours and I happened to come by The Trench. I had no idea that it was a continuation to MEG and I thought it was so weird and funny. But I just started reading it and I’m up to the part where Jonas is getting ready to get on the boat to catch Angel, it is so good. I can’t wait until Primal Waters comes out. I would really like to know when it comes out, if it’s possible. I would just like to thank you for writing great novels. P.S. Are you a marine biologist? Because you know so much about sharks.Thank You, Brian Johnson


Subj:   Meg    

Date:   12/17/2003 3:57:58 PM Eastern Standard Time    

From:  marlo42418@hotmail.com

I really enjoy reading your novel MEG for my grade 10 communications class. As I read the book it gets me very curious as to what’s going to happen next. I don’t read many books or novels and this one is too interesting to put down. What gave you the idea to write about this huge sea creature? How did you know so much about what aquanauts do? Since I enjoyed this book so much, I am more than willing to read more of your books. Yours truly, Marilyn Cote


Subj:   MEG   

Date:   12/17/2003 3:54:07 PM Eastern Standard Time    

From:  n8tive_gurl_26@yahoo.ca

Steve Alten;

I am a student in the Adult Basic Education class at SIAST Kelsey Campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My name is Joely Gamble and our class is reading your novel MEG. It is very suspenseful and interesting. I couldn’t get into the book when I first started reading it, because I usually only read true crime. This book is a very good one and I enjoy it very much. I am wondering if the MEG really does exist; does it? Well, thank you for your time.


Subj:   i loved your book!!!! MEG   

Date:   2/17/2004 9:24:34 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:  PK JOKA       

I loved your book, MEG it brought excitement and thrills and is now the number one book on my list it it really inspired me to learn about these creatures never heard about them but now am fascinated to know they once roamed the earth.I received this book on a project from our school called”Project Read” and thinking it was another on of those books that were meant to keep u busy while the teacher read magazines but this one really hit me, Mr.Alten I thank you for the books you make to entertain and inform us and i am glad to say you inspired me Mr.Alten to become a writer someday hopefully this inspiration will come true i thank you again and i hope to read every book you make ….


Subj:   Your books changed my life          

Date:   2/13/2004 10:10:13 PM Eastern Standard Time    

From:  Terasor12

Mr. Alten your books changed my life. They made me want to be a marine bioligest. I’m so greatfull you made your books. I want to study deep sea treanchs to prove megalodons live cuz if the great white survied the ice age a megalodon wood.–From Terrance Develes


Subj:   Thanks!         

Date:   2/12/2004 1:34:10 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:  MiStERWiGGlESBs

Dear Mr. Alten,

I just wanted to write to say thank you your book have gotten me back into loving books. I’m currently living in Boca Raton Florida attending Spanish River Community High School. The first book of yours I read was over the two thousand and two summer vacation for extra credit. The book was MEG and it was superb absolutely wonderful after that I read Trench then Goliath which I loved. Then came Domain in my tenth grade English two class. Over the  recent summer I read MEG and Goliath again! . Then just yesterday I bought your new book well I hope it’s new I do not know when it came out called Resurrection I just started it and it is wonderful I read some at the end of each class in school.

So anyway thanks again for all the help you have given me. I love your books and hope to read some more in the future. From Benjamin H. White


Subj:   MEG   

Date:   3/27/2004 10:20:26 AM Eastern Standard Time   

From:  DQuart@worthington.k12.oh.us

Good Morning Mr. Alten!

My name is David Quart, a teacher and colleague of Mrs. Ellen Clark in Worthington, Ohio. Last year, my 10th grade English class read MEG as a reading assignment, and absolutely loved it! As a matter of fact, a few of them are now reading copies of TRENCH which I purchased 10 of to have a class copy. This year, we are in the midst of reading MEG again, and to no surprise my students are truly enjoying the book again. They would like to write you and ask you a few questions if that would be appropriate? We have your autograph and poster of the newest MEG cover hanging on our wall, and I know my students would love to have the opportunity to converse with you. Thank you for your wonderful writings! By the way, has Primal Waters been published yet?! Thank you, Dave Quart Special Education Teacher, Thomas Worthington High School, Worthington, Ohio 43235


Subj:   New Teacher 

Date:   3/24/2004 9:38:58 AM Eastern Standard Time     

From:  japell@bbs.fkchs.sad27.k12.me.us

Greetings, Steve,

I am a 10th grade English teacher from Fort Kent, Maine.  I was introduced to the Adopt an Author program by Don Chouinard.  I am so excited to begin the program!  I have photocopied the materials from the website and I am eagerly waiting to begin this novel with my students. I just want you to know how incredible I think this program is. For you to take the time out of your busy schedule to answer e-mails from students and teachers is just phenomenal!  Thank you! Jamie DesJardins Pelletier


Subj:   add me to the fanclub ^_^  

Date:   3/29/2004 11:37:40 AM Eastern Standard Time   

From:  cperezfe@mail.usf.edu

Hello! I just started Resurrection and I’m loving it. I’ve read Domain recently (awesome book) and Meg (senior year for marine biology class), and you are my favorite author!(I used to hate to read, but I can’t stop reading your books!) I can’t wait to see what happens in Resurrection, when I finished Domain I was

so sad, but then I read the epilogue, and saw that there’s a sequel, I was like YES!!! I got so excited. So anywho, I love your books and I would love to be added to your fanclub. Thank you. Cecilia Perez-Ferreiro


This is Erin (from Hudson High today the 20th). I just wanted to thank you for coming to visit the school and talk to the student body who attended  the assemblies. I and so many others really appriciated it. After all it’s not everyday you get to meet a author whom writes one of your favorite books. Your books truly did inspire so many students to write and read more than they had originally. Your books have opened up a world where almost anything can happen including a 60ft prehistoric shark returning from the depths, to a Mayan civilization predicting the future of two young boys whom are to save humanity from total destruction. Again, thank you for your books, and time out of your probable busy life. One of your many fans, Erin Driscoll Hudson, FL.

Subj:   From a Parent

Date:   6/12/04 12:28:03 PM Central Daylight Time

Dear Steve, Just a word of thanks for all your efforts to recruit the kids to read at Pahokee High this past year! It is our 2nd year at the school and we are working feverishly to get the International Baccalaureate program off the ground. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and she bought and read Meg, The Trench and Domain. She even got me reading! I read Meg and am about to start The Trench. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for coming to Pa High because it was awesome of you. Thanks. Karen McCarthy very active parent


Subj. Thanks from a teacher

Date: 1/18/05

I just got my posters! My students just started The Trench today! I swear before all that is good and holy, this is the first time I have seen students eagerly reading! Thanks again,
Yardan W. Shabazz, Indian River High School English Department




Date: 1/20/05

Once again, I am so pleased that I made time for a novel in my curriculum! Today marks our second “in class reading””, and I have had wonderful comments from students regarding the excitement and readability of MEG. Since many students are reading in other classes, I opted to teach two science units, geologic time and oceanography, with class time devoted to reading. It’s ideal! The kids are engaged; their enthusiasm is apparent when I say it’s time to stop reading (groans of displeasure, imagine!) and I truly feel they are enjoying the lessons.
Patty Kirsch, Boca Raton Community High School


From A Parent

Good Morning Steve, My son, Nicholas, is at the Eagle Academy in Belle Glade, Florida and told me about your visit last week –– he has never been so excited about reading before or about meeting someone –– as a matter of fact he has never liked reading before until he started reading ““Meg””.  I also wanted to say Thank you for being such an inspiration for my son, you may not even realize you are, but YOU ARE! Have a great day,  Linda A. Mineo, Greenacres, Florida


Subject: Phobos

Date: 2/28/2005 4:13:46 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: bloochaos42@yahoo.com

Hi I’m a 7th grader in New River Middle which my teacher required me to read domain and at first i thought SNORE but now I’m addicted to it and read resurrection already and would like to know when Phobos is coming out thank you.


Subject: Eagle Academy

Date: 2/27/2005 6:20:17 PM Eastern Standard Time



Mr. Alten, I am writing you as a extremely proud parent of a recruit in the Youth Eagle Academy in Belle Glade, FL. Before Eagle, my son would never pick up a book much less actually read it, and all I have been hearing about is your books. I would just like to thank you for touching my sons life through your writing. He is already looking forward to the release of Loch, which I will be the first one at the bookstore for him to receive. Regards, Patricia A Vega (Recruit Summers).